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This is rather trivial, but....

 My parents were naturalized about half an hour ago.

Which means that as of half an hour ago, I am an American citizen.

In order to get my citizenship certificate, I still need to go get the biometrics done and do the swearing in ceremony thing. But I am now legally American. It's kind of weird. I've been a resident alien here for sixteen years, and now, suddenly, I'm a citizen 'cause my parents filled out an application and took a test. I didn't have to do anything. xD

Technically, I'm now a dual citizen of both Canada and the Untied States. I must say, I like that arrangement. I think of them both as my countries, so being a citizen of both is... awesome. 8D
 I went to Starbucks the other day, and I got my coffee in a red holiday cup.

:D :D :D

Good Gravy! I'm Alive!

 ...and I kinda forgot I existed on LJ, ehehe.

So, I've made several super-important realizations since, uh, whenever it was I last posted.
  • Calculus isn't actually as bad as I thought it would be. It's hard, yes, but you feel really awesome when you do it because everybody else looks at what you're writing with a blank expression. That's when you know you're the cool kid, for surrrre.
  • Dresses are actually super comfortable. I used to never want to wear them, since when I was younger, I wanted to be able to run around and flip upside down if I needed to. As flipping-upside-down opportunities have become limited as I've aged, I think I'll start wearing them again.
  • I think my dog is a lesbian, and is crushing on my neighbor's cocker spaniel. I'm glad that she's becoming familiar with herself, and shall support her fully in all endeavors.
  •  I've become addicted to coffee. Oh well. I live near Seattle, it had to happen eventually.
  • I adore the German language. Sure, it may not be as pretty as French or Italian, but you can say just about anything in it and it will sound epic and dramatic.
 ...And that is my life. How are all of you?


Right... it's that day yet again. Amidst all the protestors, mosque rows, and threats to burn the Koran, I have but one thing to say:

Here's to remembering, respecting, and mourning the tragedies of the past - and at the same time, clearing our hearts of hatred, so that we can move towards a future where no innocent people have to suffer at hatred's hands. 9/11 was an act of hatred. The best way to defy it and honor its victims: don't allow the hatred to be passed on to you. <3
 So, in a week and one day, I start my senior year of high school. Naturally, that means I started my summer homework about ten days ago.

The assignment from my to-be English teacher is to read one of the books on our reading list and then write him a letter. In this letter, we're supposed to discuss our thoughts on the book, as well as show why we are unique. The directions were very nonspecific and open-ended.

And I had soooo much fun with this assignment, you don't even know.

When it comes to English classes, I can be am a bit of an academic rebel. I love creative writing, and therefore hate doing those stiff, formal, by-the-book essays. Whenever I can twist the directions to better suit my liking, I do. And so this letter to my teacher has become the most informal piece of schoolwork ever, completely with "Mystery Date!" in the heading (I'm not telling him how late I left it), references to shooting sparkly laser beams from one's eyes, and a paragraph at the end that is essentially me checking off all the requirements in the directions.

All I can say is, at least I know I fulfilled the "show why you are unique" requirement.

(I also considered doodling rainbows and puppies in the margins of my math paper... but then I remembered that I've had next year's math teacher before, and I've actually somehow fooled him into thinking I'm some sort of math genius, so coloring his opinion of me before calculus shatters that illusion probably isn't one of my better ideas.)

In other news--  hello to the friends I now have thanks to that friending meme! 8D I hope you're not too disappointed by my general boringness. I'm also really new to LJ, so I apologize for any general LJ fail/noobishness. xP

Tra la la la la


I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing!

S-so... well... hello!

I'm Cheesicle, and I... love... making, um, friends? And I just figured that I shouldn't leave my journal ENTIRELY BLANK in case any potential friends came along and thought 'lol this guyz a looooozer' or anything.

So yes.... hello!

Heh, I am a loser, aren't I